Farmers Market Create Marketing Magic For Small Businesses

Grate Madeleine first made its debut at the Wynwood Farmers Market in July 2016. Since then, we have participated at several South Florida farmers markets such as the markets in Miami Springs, Coconut Grove, Lincoln Road, and Brickell City Center. We thank these farmers markets and their organizers for being in existence and for allowing us to sell our product to Miami consumers. Many people have asked us “what is a farmers market?” and what makes it different than a brick and mortar store. This entry will provide you with some of those answers.

Grate Madeleine - Farmers Market - Pina Colada

What is a Farmers Market?

A farmers market is a temporary, physical retail location where farmers and other small business owners can market their product(s) directly to consumers. Typically a farmers market consists of tent booths with tables and stands to display products for the consumer. Often times, for edible or consumable goods, merchants will offer samples. Farmers markets can be found worldwide, and they reflect the local economy and culture. Size can range from a small market with 5 to 10 stalls, to several city blocks.

Grate Madeleine - Farmers Market - Birthday Cake

Why sell at a Farmers Market?

For entrepreneurs just starting their businesses marketing their product directly to consumers at farmers markets is a great way to bring forth brand awareness, gain a loyal customer base, and to continue to grow their customer base and brand awareness. Customers benefit from the freshness of the products purchased as products spend less time in transport, handling, and storage. Consumers appreciate the transparency, simplicity, and immediacy of purchasing straight from a seller.

Grate Madeleine - Farmers Market - Key Lime


In the state of Florida, businesses can operate under “Cottage Law” and prepare food or baked goods from home, as long as their yearly sales does not exceed a certain dollar limit. However, we at Grate Madeleine wanted to ensure our customers that we take pride in our product production and their safety. For that reason, we took out the proper business permits and prepare our gourmet madeleines at a commercial kitchen in North Miami Beach, Florida. For more information on the farmers markets we will be attending, please follow us on Instagram at @Grate.Madeleine, Twitter at @GrateMadeleine, and on Facebook at @GrateMadeleine. We look forward to seeing you at a market near you!