Fairchild Garden - Grate Madeleine - Mango Festival Set up

The 25th Annual International Mango Festival at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

On Saturday and Sunday, July 1st and 2nd, 2017, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida, honored the king fruit of summer – the mango. This year marked Fairchild’s 25th Annual International Mango Festival where the world’s largest variety of mangos was on display. Everyone in attendance was ecstatic to celebrate one of the most delicious tropical fruits around.

Fairchild Garden - Mango Festival 2017 - Grate Madeleine


The two-day festival featured mango tastings, live music, and trees for sale, as well as gardening and cooking demonstrations. Patrons were also excited to sample and purchase artisan baked goods, food, and drinks from popular local food vendors.


The Fairchild Mango Taste Test Room was one of the most popular options at the event with lines stretching down the walkway. This tasting room featured a selection of the finest quality mangos, all ripened to perfection and freshly cut for patrons to try. For $2.00, attendees tried over 10 types of mangos, and were able to place their vote to help decide the best tasting mango of the festival.


Grate Madeleine - Fairchild Garden

Another popular option was the Mangos of the World display, which showcased the largest mango collection. The vast display featured mangos in all colors, shapes, and aromas, from different regions around the globe.


Vendors such as In Your Face Delights, Gringa Flan, Keez Beez, and Grate Madeleine all offered mango-flavored treats – everything from mango ice pops and mango blossom honey, to mango teacakes and mango beverages. Grate Madeleine featured mango madeleines dipped in dark chocolate, freshly made mango nectar, and freshly sliced mango dipped in dark chocolate.


The Fairchild Botanic Garden is well known for hosting fantastic events such as the International Mango Festival. This year’s tribute to the famous fruit was truly a treat for all – especially, for mango-loving patrons.