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About us

Founded in 2016, Grate Madeleine was born from my family tradition of baking and a love for quality pastries, baked goods, and food.   My family and I have been developing our own unique and special recipes for several generations.  Among family and friends, we are known for creating some of Miami’s and Los Angeles’ tastiest baked goods, pastries, and food.  Please visit this website or stop by our location at an array of famer’s markets and festivals throughout South Florida, so that we may introduce you to the wonderful, little tea cake known as the madeleine; or for those of you already familiar with this tasty treat, we would love to reintroduce you to our madeleine, which comes in wide variety of flavors!


Our small batch, gourmet madeleines are handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients.  We take pride in offering our customers product consistency and the ability to customize our product for catering and private events.